HOA Management



 865 Properties, LLC is your full service Homeowner Association Management Company that is located in Knoxville, TN and servicing all of East Tennessee. We specialize in personal service, not only to the Board of Directors but the residents of the community as well. We handle the day-to-day responsibility of the association and act as the liaison between the neighborhood members and the Board of Directors. We will take care of the everyday maintenance issues that come up and report to the board and residents. No one wants to tell a neighbor to mow their yard, move a trailer out of the street or the worst yet...when are you going to pay your dues?

That is where outsourcing HOA Management Services can help. We take the stigma of being the "Bad Guy" off the Board and we take care of those issues for you. As a genuine service to the residents of a community we handle all the thankless work associated with running and managing the HOA so you can enjoy the benefits of the community running smoothly.

865 Properties is a Veteran and Female owned and operated business. Other companies may offer similar services, but we believe our service is the best, and comes with a personal touch without the HUGE price tag! 


Residential & Commercial Association Services

Some of the services we typically provide are listed below. We can customize service, depending on the association's needs. It is possible for us to take on everything or just parts.

  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Billing Services
  • General Administrative
  • Collections & Disbursements
  • Budgets
  • Architectural Review and Compliance
  • Maintenance
  • Contractor Management
  • Owner/Tenant Contacts
  • Board of Directors Contacts
  • Providing Neighborhood and Community Information

HOA Management Knoxville, TN
HOA Management Knoxville, TN